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Onebest‘s Srtong and Safety Package for Corian Solid Surface Furniture

Time:2018-07-25 Views:102

The safety shipping is very important. Regarding this problem, we have design the following package

ways for our client.

Stept1:Wood Box 

The ouside we will use 12mm plywood case and with steel to protect.

Added steel metal to protect the wooden carton

Stept2:Coverd Pet film and Polylon, all of the surface we will cover the pet film, aslo use steel line to fix the furniture in the wood carton

It will protect the table surface from dust and scratch.

Stept3:Inside protection, inside the box,we will insert the honeycomb paperboard to

increase buffer protection

Stept4:Outside wood box,then we finish the outside plywood box

Stept5:Triangle let from turn over

We should put the conferen table stand, then the table top will be proken by pressure of other

products.By this way, the 2 leg on each side will protect them from turn over.

Stept6:Steel belt protection.

At the last step we will also add a steel belt to protect it again, if needed we can also add wheels at the bottom of the package, thus it would be convenient to move.

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