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Company Profile

Since 2009, Onebest is one of the top manufacturer of solid surface products in China. 

Onebest have a 25,000+ square meter fully equipped processing workshop, a professional sales team and design team, supply the first-class products to global customers. 

Clients can find mostly relevant products like restaurant bar, office, kitchen ,bathroom, hospital, airport and so on.

Our processing factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong. Just 15 minutes to Huizhou high-speed rail station. 1 hour to Shenzhen,Guangzhou and Hongkong. We are really welcome you to visit us.

Our mission is to make solid surface furniture as popularization as traditional furniture!

Our most important features are our:

●Tailored design service

● Solid Surface material

With our tailored design service, we will produce furniture according your design or make modifications to one of our existing designs so that each piece of furniture perfectly meets your unique needs.

Solid Surface is a kind of artificial stone made up of ATH, PMMA, and pigment.  With our Solid Surfaces, you will have a material as strong, waterproof, stain-resistant, and elegant as natural stone, but without the unmalleability, difficulty of cleaning, and radiation emission.  You can also use solid surface material to make the complex designs that you had in mind!   

Join us as we forever transform surfaces with this groundbreaking material!

Bar Series 

But solid surfaces are not just for the kitchen!  Our solid surfaces are great for serving drinks as well.  With its water-resistant qualities, it will not corrode like wood, so there is no need to worry about the occasional spilled drink!

Office Series

A well-designed reception desk can make quite the impression.  Our Solid Surfaces come in various colors and are comfortable to the touch.  You will be able to easily clean any coffee or juice stains and the desk will not become worn over time.  Lacquer desks change color and wood eventually peels, but you will have no such problems with Solid Surfaces where the colors and patterns run the entire thickness of the surface.  You can find out why our Solid Surfaces are quickly becoming the most popular option for office desks.  

Restaurant and Kitchen Series

Nowadays more and more restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC are choosing Solid Surfaces for their tables.  The Solid Surface is non-porous, preventing stains from getting inside the material.

Their stain-resistant quality makes them easy to clean and saves restaurant owners from a great deal of hassle.  

Additional Possibilities(bathroom, hospital, airport)

These are only some of the possible ways that Solid Surfaces can be used.  Their properties are well suited for bathrooms, pubic exhibitions, hospitals, homes, furniture, and laboratories.   


What we can supply to construction or interior design companies:

1. Free material sample

2. Cost control suggestions

3. Designer service support

4. Installation support

What we can supply to distributors:

1.Free material sample

2.Free design service

3.Logistic assistance 

4.Sale amount refund

5.Reduced price for Sales Sample

What we can supply to end users:

1.Free material sample

2.Free design service

3.Installation support

4.Logistic assistance 

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