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Do You Know How to Select A Nice Bar Counter Table for Your Bar?

Time:2016-03-25 Views:1286
Normally a high end bar counter material is included below:
1.The counter top should be artificial stone or transparent stone, thus is is easy to clean and waterproof.
2.If you choose the transparent stone for counter top, we should add the tempered glass to project it, as a luxury design bar counter, we must add the LED light inside it. 
3.The working top is also should be Corian solid surface stone. 
4.In the front of the bar counter, we normally use the tempered glass with custom decoration
flower patter or the logo of the company and inside with RGB led, thus the led color can be changed a lot. 
5.The led ligthing is importatn of the bady decoration. We will choose the hight RGB lighting for it. 
Our led lighting can change for different colors and we can change it easy. 
6.Inside the bar counter frame, normally use 18mm thickness plywood and steel to ensure the bar counter strong enough

Please see below picture for a check.
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