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How Do We Package Our Solid Surface Furniture

Time:2018-02-04 Views:694

The safety shipping is very important. Regarding this problem, we have design the following package

ways for our client.

Stept1:Wood Box 

The ouside we will use 12mm plywood case.

Stept2:Cover Pet film, all of the surface we will cover the pet film.

It will protect the table surface from dust and scratch.

Stept3:Inside protection, inside the box,we will insert the honeycomb paperboard to

increase buffer protection

Stept4:Outside wood box,then we finish the outside plywood box.

Stept5:Triangle let from turn over

We should put the conferen table stand, then the table top will be proken by pressure of other

products.By this way, the 2 leg on each side will protect them from turn over.

Stept6:Steel belt protection.

At the last step we will also add a steel belt to protect it again.

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